Teen brawl halts T buses

A large group of teens watching a brawl halted bus service at the Forest Hills T Station on Oct. 19, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. Six teens were arrested on various charges.

MBTA and city police officers allegedly found several teens fistfighting in the station’s upper busway. Other teens were “yelling, flailing their arms and challenging one another to fight” in the lower busway, according to a DA’s Office press statement.

“Bus service from the station was disrupted because of the large number of people watching the fracas,” the DA’s Office said.

None of the teens placed under arrest are local residents. Two of the teens were out on bail on previous gun and larceny charges.

One of the teens arrested for fistfighting allegedly had six bags of
marijuana in his possession. Another teen was arrested after being given a trespassing warning, then allegedly being spotted a short time later in an “altercation” elsewhere in the station.

Another of the teens faces a charge of assault and battery on a police officer. She allegedly refused to leave the area of the fight, then pushed a police officer.

From a press release.

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