Jackson Square rink plans advancing

The article “Urban Edge is holding off on rink” in the Dec.18 JP Gazette had a misleading headline. While it is true that the Article 80 Notice of Project Change that Jackson Square Partners will submit by the end of January will focus on Jackson Commons—Urban Edge’s proposed new 35-40 unit mixed-use, mixed-income rental housing development—it is also true that the Jackson Square Partners are advancing the development of the active recreational facility, including ice rink and other recreational uses, with the intention of beginning construction in the next two or three years.

As part of developing an affordable, accessible recreational facility, the next step is to complete a business plan for the facility by this May. More detailed information, along with responses to questions raised at Jackson Square CAC meetings as well as the public meeting sponsored by Urban Edge on Nov. 12 is available at www.urbanedge.org. We look forward to continuing to work with the community as we realize the vision for Jackson Square.

Mossik Hacobian, President
Urban Edge
Steve Glickel, President
Friends of the Kelly Rink
Richard Thal, Executive Director
Jamaica Plain NDC
Claudio Martinez, Executive Director
Hyde Square Task Force
Bart Mitchell, President
Mitchell Properties

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