Bank expands storefront

Minding Our Own Business

Wainwright Bank at 687 Centre St. is expanding into a former dentist’s office next door to add space for employee uses, according to building owner Robert Franklin.

The extended storefront will have the same modern, large-window look of the main bank, which has been there a decade, said Franklin.

“The eyesore that was there will now be conformed to the rest of the building’s appearance,” Franklin said of the brick-faced dentist’s office, which has been closed since 2008.

Franklin also intends to add improved signage, new lighting and an awning to the entire building at 683-691 Centre, which includes the Fire Opal boutique. That work should happen within three months, Franklin said. He is also planning to put a new roof on the entire building.

The bank expansion work is already under way and did not require zoning variances. The second floor of the building contains offices, including Franklin’s own law practice.

John Ruch

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