Holiday decorations pitiful

I am writing in response to the letter in the Jan. 22 JP Gazette from the Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association thanking the community for supporting its holiday activities, including decorations on Centre and South streets.

I did not like the new holiday decorations on Centre Street. I think they were just pitiful. The pastel-colored bows looked like bad fake flowers to put on a headstone. They did not make you feel joyful as you drove down the street. Maybe they could all be gathered to work together on the tree at the Monument or on top of pretend presents. I don’t know if putting more together would the make the festive statement you were looking for.

As for the lights on buildings, they weren’t really any better. Holiday lights need to jump out at you and make you feel warm, joyful and grateful. If it is a matter of money, maybe there could be ways to brainstorm ways to raise funds.
I certainly hope that JP can do better in the future. It would make for a much more enjoyable ride as we sit in traffic waiting to get to the post office to mail those holiday gifts.

Deanna Miller
Jamaica Plain

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