Bikes lanes promote harmony on the road

As a Roslindale resident who bicycles through Jamaica Plain each day to work in Mission Hill, I wholeheartedly support the City’s proposal [Feb. 5 JP Gazette] to include bicycle lanes as part of the Centre Street redevelopment project. Since bicycle lanes were installed along Washington Street from Forest Hills to Roslindale Square last October, I have experienced fewer negative interactions with motor vehicle drivers, especially car horn blasts that are particularly dangerous to bicyclists. I believe this is because bicycle lanes and similar accommodations serve as permanent reminders to other road users to expect bicycles along the roadway, even when I’m not riding there, as a sort of continuous “Share the Road” sign.

In a perfect world, harmony among pedestrians, bicyclists and motor vehicle drivers would make bike lanes (and crosswalks, etc.) unnecessary. Until then, I urge everyone to support bicycle accommodation when redeveloping key commuting and destination corridors like Centre Street.

Laura Smeaton

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