Photo, caption ‘left’ an impression

Kudos to the Gazette (Feb. 5) for publishing (above the fold, even!) the photo of US Sen. Scott Brown tending bar at, of all places, Doyle’s… and for slogging that extra mile noting that Brown was not the one in the green T-shirt but the other dude on Gerry Burke’s “right.” Hey, maybe that most savvy and commendably “polite” Gerry Burke should enlarge and frame the snapshot to hang in the mural room beside other Boston luminary homeboys from earlier eras. It should become a collector’s piece as the only, only, only time the three words “Scott” and “Brown” and “left” were (or probably ever will be) published sequentially.

As one of my buddies muttered on election night, “You just sense he’s another Republican on the road to jail—and in a truck, no less.”

Mark Angney
Jamaica Plain

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