Book, music store holds ‘closing parties’

Hopes to open Tres Gatos in fall

HYDE SQ.—Rhythm and Muse will host two weekend-long “closing parties” this weekend and next as it prepares for the build-out of its current space. Owner David Doyle is trying to get the first floor and basement empty of books, CDs and vinyl records to make way for major renovations.

In place of Rhythm and Muse, which will be closed as of June 7, Doyle would then own Tres Gatos (three cats in Spanish), scheduled to open in the fall in a much expanded space. In addition to offering books and music, the front of the building at 470 Centre St. would be home to a tapas restaurant with a wine bar. Felicia Sanchez of Centre Street Café would manage the restaurant. Doyle said in an interview last week that he is still waiting to obtain a beer and wine license.

All inventory sold during the May 28-31 and June 4-6 parties will be at least 25 percent off, Doyle said. Refreshments will be served. He expressed gratitude to “all our supporters who kept us going for over 11 years.”

Anyone interested in being updated on the renovations or who wants to volunteer during the build-out may e-mail [email protected]

Sandra Storey

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