Wilkerson’s statement regarding plea

Web Exclusive

The following statement from former state senator Dianne Wilkerson about her admission to bribe-taking was read by attorney Charles Ogletree outside the court on June 3, as seen in news video on Boston.com:

The decision not speak to press is not one based on arrogance or indifference, but of sheer common sense. I would love nothing more than to tell the story. However, all my focus will be on preparing for the next [step] of this process before the courts. I pray that you can understand that reality and be patient. The decision to enter this plea, though difficult, is best for my family and the community I care for so deeply. I am anxious to get on with my life, but it cannot be done until I move through this. As I have done all my life, I will get past this as well. There is so very much to be said, but now is not the time for me to do so, but the day will come soon enough. Until such time, I ask for your prayers.

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