Alchemist owners say ‘thank you’

The following is adapted from a speech Lyndon Fuller, co-owner of the Alchemist in Canary Square, delivered on May 30.

Tonight is the last day of the Alchemist at this location. It has been amazing to have been able to create such a fun spot for music, food and cocktails, to be part of an awesome neighborhood, to meet really fantastic customers and to create something which was approachable for everyone to enjoy.

I was able to live a dream of mine which I have had since I was 13 years old, and I have a fantastic woman who shared my dream, and her name is Relena. She really helped it become a reality, for without her I would be half the man I am today.

Then there is my staff. All of them let me into their lives and have become family to me. I love all of them dearly: Nicole, Patricia, Scott, Judo, Johnny, Jess, Carolyn, Chef Carlos, Chef Greg, Terranova, Ezra, Annie, Tyler, Courtney, Terrence, Big Bad Joe, Liz, Caesar, Raul, Kate, Dalia, Rachel, Matt, Connell, Joe, Stewie, Bryce, Reid, The Fizz, Damien, Ryan, Jenny Z and Derrick. My head is spinning, and I am sure I have accidently missed some people, but it is not my intention. Without all of these amazing staff, none of what we created would ever have been possible. They are the most loyal, strongest people I know, and it is an honor to have had them work for me. I am so proud of every one of them, for they make things happen.

Lastly, to the bands that have filled the room every night, I thank you all for putting the music in our ears and making the Alchemist come alive after dark. You made it very special, any day of the week.

We will be taking a little time off after this and try our hardest to regroup. but everyone out there, staff, customers, bands, we love you all so very much, and thank every one of you for making the Alchemist so special. You will always be in our hearts and our souls. Love…
Lyndon Fuller and Relena Erksine
Jamaica Plain

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