Stony Brook trees gone, but not forever

Rebeca Oliveira

Web Exclusive

Many trees along a set of townhouses at 45-59 Lamartine St., at the Stony Brook Gardens (SBG) apartments have been removed, raising concern among neighbors and frequent visitors.

“I was very disturbed to see the removal of the mature trees,” Rich Kendall said. He commutes through the neighborhood daily. “These trees create a welcome and appealing environment for the homes,” he added.

The removal of those trees will not be permanent, Hector Cruz, executive property manager for Winn Management told the Gazette. Winn is the management company for the properties.

According to Cruz, when the trees were planted, the wrong kind of trees was used and planted too close to the buildings.

“We’ve already started having problems with the siding, which started to fail,” Cruz said, also mentioning gutter problems and potential eventual foundation problems.

Cruz said Winn already presented a proposal to the SBG board to remove the existing trees, repair the siding, repaint the building, and replant.

“We’re going to have trees out there again. They just won’t be monster-sized trees,” Cruz added, saying that the board was due to decide what trees to use this week.

“The goal is to get as much done this year as possible,” Cruz said.

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