Business group opposes Monument Sq. plans

The following letter was sent as a comment to the Boston Redevelopment Authority regarding the Draft Centre and South Streets Streetscape and Transportation Action Plan:

The Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association (JPBAPA) represents the interests of all small businesses in JP. We deal directly with the city to improve traffic and parking, signage, licensing (food and alcohol), encourage landlords to rent to locally owned businesses and much more. The vast majority of our shops are locally owned, employ locally and donate locally.

We provide services and products that are local. We struggle every day with regulations, increasing fees, higher rents and higher taxes to provide these services and products. None of us are becoming wealthy; we just love JP.

We feel the loss of parking, restructuring of four MBTA bus stops, two traffic signals at Monument Square (increasing traffic), the hindrance of emergency vehicles and the removal of circular traffic around the square will add to the hardships of daily commerce.

Therefore, the 14-member board of directors of JPBAPA has taken a majority vote to oppose the proposed plans to Monument Square.

Carlos B. Icaza
President, JPBAPA
Jamaica Plain


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