Inflammatory accusations help no one

Jawad Husein’s condemnation of the “European-Jewish colonial project” (letter, JP Gazette, Dec. 3) to oppress Palestinians leaves this reader shaking his head at the cruel rhetoric used to defend his position.

Is it possible that Jews, both American and Israeli, have a legitimate desire to preserve the state of Israel and wish for a peaceful resolution to Palestinian statehood? When Mr. Husein resorts to characterizations of Israelis and Israeli policy as fascist and “reminiscent of nazism” he simply pours oil on an already burning fire.

As an American Jew who supports a two-state solution, I  see no benefit in characterizing Palestinians as jihadists or terrorists. I am old enough to remember the creation of the state of Israel and the ensuing wars. The question of who are the original inhabitants is moot. We must deal with the current reality and try our best to refrain from inflammatory accusations that do not advance the Palestinians’ quest for statehood nor the recognition of Israel as a legitimate entity by all its Arab neighbors.

David Akiba
Jamaica Plain

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