Local residents are losing a store

I read the article in the Jan. 21 issue of the JP Gazette regarding all the hubub about Hi-Lo Foods closing to be replaced with Whole Foods!

  The one thing I didn’t get out of the article was the reason for this change. If Hi-Lo still wants to stay in business, are there plans for it to open in another space?

Clearly, many jobs will be lost, and there will be a loss of revenue for the food distributors, not to mention the loss of a major food store that specialized in Latin and Island foods.

  It is sad to see this store close, as I have shopped there many times—purchasing foods I know other stores, including Whole Foods, do not have. As a native Bostonian who migrated to JP from the gentrified South End, the loss of this business will certainly leave a large and important part of the eclectic mix of residents without a local store where they can purchase groceries, fresh produce and other items from their native lands.

Pamela King
Jamaica Plain

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