The more things change…

Gazette Photo by Peg Preble
This was once the lid on an outdoor garbage container. It says “Garbage Receiver” and “Sexton No. 40 Sanitary Ajax.” The artifact is now in Peg Preble’s basement in Woodbourne.

Regarding the new JP business “Bootstrap” (JP Gazette, Feb 4) that will pick up people’s garbage to make compost: My 90-plus-year-old next-door neighbor used to speak of a pig farmer who would pay him for his food waste.

Many houses around here still have garbage containers set in the ground in the yard. The top looks a bit like a metal toilet seat with cover. The lid often had a lever that you could step on to open the lid and put the garbage in. Inside was a bucket to pull out and take to the pig slop truck.

Some ideas take a while to come back in fashion.

Peg Preble
Jamaica Plain

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