A third way in grocery debate

The Hi-Lo vs. Whole Foods/“Whole Paycheck” thing has become the JP version of the Hatfields vs. the McCoys.

Did anyone consider Market Basket as an option for JP shoppers? I think Market Basket would be a great match for JP shoppers. Market Basket has something for everyone: good food, great prices, and a very diverse workforce.

JP prides itself as a diverse community. The reality is that diversity in JP is undermined by housing and food costs. We are already paying Whole Foods prices at our local food stores. We need a store that reflects our community and supports diversity. For me that store is Market Basket.
The deal for Whole Foods might be sealed, but I am recommending Market Basket as the JP shopping alternative for groceries.

I find the costs of groceries at Market Basket outweighs the costs for traveling to Somerville. Bringing Market Basket to JP would be like having a “savings account.”

Janet Cormier
Jamaica Plain

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