Boing! hops into new hands


JP CENTER—Boing! JP’s Toy Shop at 677 Centre St. has been sold to JP resident Kim Mitchell. The store has been on the market since August.

“I’m excited to continue what Elaine [Hackney, the former owner] started,” Mitchell told the Gazette last week.

“BOING! goes on, after almost 10 years,” Hackney said in that same interview. “It’ll be that much more exciting for JP.”

Mitchell has no plans to change “the philosophy” of the store: “It won’t turn into a Barbie and Disney store,” she said, though she would eventually like to bring in magic shows, story hours and game nights.

“I do want to hear from the community,” she said. “I’m feeling energized and ready.”

There are no planned staff changes. Hackney is staying on temporarily to assist in the transition.

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