One use for woodland: pot farm


While mystery surrounds the future of the Daughters of St. Paul woodland on Moss Hill, someone already found an unusual use for the property: a marijuana farm.

Boston Police officers found 31 pot plants growing outdoors behind the religious order’s St. Paul’s Avenue convent last summer, according to a police report obtained by the Gazette. The plants were discovered by engineers surveying the 15-acre woodland for the private sales offering of the land that was recently revealed by the Gazette.

“The nuns from the convent stated that they did not know anything about the plants and how they got there,” said the Aug. 12, 2010 police report.

“We know nothing about [the marijuana]. We were the ones who called the police,” Sister Nancy Usselmann, the order’s treasurer, told the Gazette. She said no other pot plants have been found on the property.

Police officers removed the plants and destroyed them, and never charged anyone with a crime, according to the Boston Police Department.

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