Green & Clean has tree-planting plan

(Courtesy Photo) The colorful plantings outside the Roslindale Branch Library at 4238 Washington St. are among the work of Roslindale Green & Clean.

Roslindale Green & Clean plans to spend about $3,000 on new trees for the neighborhood this summer, and they are looking for places to plant them.The plan, Green & Clean head Jeff Chasin told the Gazette, is to plant “between 12 and 25 significantly sized trees in the yards of homeowners, businesses or churches.”

The goal is “quick-looking extra green for rozzie,” he said.

Clean & Green plans to do site visits with an arborist for potential tree patrons and will request that people who get trees commit to caring for them for their full lives.

The group has so far raised $3,000 for the project and plans to commit money from its plant sale at the Roslindale Farmers Market to the cause as well.

People interested in hosting a new tree can stop by the plant sale at the farmers market, Sat., June 11, 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at Adams Park to fill out an application, or check out the group’s website,

Roslindale Green & Clean is a volunteer-run organization that designs, plants, and maintains public green spaces, and educates the community about horticulture. The group has designed, installed, and maintained six green areas throughout Roslindale and is the recipient of local and national garden awards.