Bikes should be registered

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The following letter was sent to City Councilor Matt O’Malley:

I am a longtime resident of JP. I am concerned that a number of bicycle operators operating on Centre Street in JP: 1. Do not stop for red lights or pedestrians in a crosswalk; 2. Do not wear helmets, especially at night; and 3. Also violate City of Boston bike regulations by not having any lights on their bikes at night. I have witnessed these violations as a pedestrian and as a driver. The best way to enforce City of Boston bicycle regulations is to register all bicycles at City Hall and require proof that they are properly equipped and that the operator is familiar with the regulations before a bicycle registration/plate is awarded. I am advised that helmet laws only apply to those 16 or younger. Have you seen older bicyclists riding with no hands on their cell phones? I have! Let’s require everyone to wear a helmet—better safe than sorry. We can’t really expect the state to enforce its own laws, so with the registration fees, set up enforcement on main Boston streets such as Centre Street. Better to do this than to have any more accidents. I certainly don’t want to hit any of these vehicles/operators while driving at night. I myself, having ridden a bike for many years, no longer feel safe riding a bike in the city on the streets.

David White
Jamaica Plain

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