Crack down on cars, not bikes

This letter is in response to David White’s letter of June 24 suggesting the city crack down on bicyclists to make our streets safer.

If one is really concerned about public safety on the streets of Boston, they should focus on doing something about car drivers who: 1) run red lights, often when pedestrians have a walk light, and 2) drive while talking or texting on their cell phones.

By putting in place cameras that photograph license plates as cars run red lights, the city could recoup costs in the short term with the resulting fines and greatly curtail red light running in the long term.

Since research has shown that drivers talking on their phones are as impaired as those driving after drinking, the penalty for cell phone use should match that of DUI. This would send a strong message to drivers to stay off the phones and would again increase public safety.

Focusing instead on bicyclists who make up a very small fraction of the traffic is scapegoating.

Marc Pelletier

Jamaica Plain

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