Restaurant seeks license 5 years late

WOODBOURNE—After owning Los Bendecidos Pizza & Restaurant at 264 Hyde Park Ave. for five years, owner Freddy Nuñez is finally seeking the city license required to run it.

“The person I bought the restaurant from didn’t have it and I didn’t know I was supposed to have it,” Nuñez told the Gazette. “I had the other licenses, but not that one.”

Nuñez was told of the missing license after a routine inspection. The restaurant remains open while Nuñez rectifies the oversight.

According to the city of Boston website, ever restaurant needs what is known as a “common victualler license.”

Nuñez was scheduled to appear before the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council’s Public Service Committee on July 5, after the Gazette’s deadline, to request the committee’s support in the restaurant’s application.

The restaurant has been open for at least 10 years, Nuñez said.


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