Hennigan School to open late

Students attending the Hennigan Elementary School will start school a few days late this year instead of being bused to the now-closed Agassiz School while the Hennigan is being repainted.

School will start for Hennigan Elementary and West Zone Early Learning Center students on Sept. 12 instead of Sept. 8.

Boston Public Schools officials previously told the Gazette that low levels of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB)—a toxic compound—had been found in the paint at the Hennigan at 200 Heath St. They do not want students in the building while that paint was being removed and the building interior repainted, they said.

They said that, depending on how long the work was scheduled to take, they might have the students start the year at the Agassiz, across the neighborhood at 20 Child St.

Hennigan Community Center events will continue to take place at the Agassiz through Sept. 12.


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