Stop & Shop introduces bilingual signs

As of early August, Stop & Shop is inviting customers to Parar i Comprar with their new bilingual aisle signage.

“We’ve implemented bilingual signage in a few of our markets just in order to better serve our customers,” said Suzi Robinson, a Stop & Shop spokesperson.

The new signs list what can be found in each aisle in English and underneath that, in Spanish.

“Any of our stores are going to be sensitive to what their customers are looking for…We try to stay attuned to what our customers ask. If they ask us to stock Latin foods, then that’s what we’ll stock,” Robinson said.

There has been no larger policy change to increase Latino offerings at Stop & Shop.

When asked if this policy change was connected to the Hi-Lo/Whole Foods controversy about Latino groceries in the area, Robinson replied, “I can only speak to our store policies, not our competitors’.”

Stop & Shop has not made any other policy changes, Robinson told the Gazette.

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