Letter: Thanks for a great JPNC election

Thanks to everyone in JP who took time out to vote on Saturday in the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council election. The turnout was by far more than the last vote. The JPNC will work for you and hopefully make voting even easier two years from now.

Thanks to all the volunteers who gave up their free time on such a beautiful weekend to staff the polls on Saturday or count ballots on Sunday. There were some who stayed well past their two-hour shift on Saturday to make sure anyone who wanted to vote could vote. We are all lucky to have such dedicated people in our neighborhood.

Thanks to a very dedicated Ombuds Board in Sandee Storey, Pat Landry, Colleen Keller, Kim Alleyne and Larry Cronin.

Thanks to the JPNC, the Bowditch School, NAICOB, Boston City Councilor At-Large Felix Arroyo and Rep. Jeffrey Sánchez for responding to the Election Committee’s request for volunteers and furniture. Thanks to Stop & Shop, J.P. Licks and the MBTA for allowing the polls at the locations that we picked.

Thank you to the JPNC Elections Committee for all their hard work in planning and holding a well-organized election. Thank you Dogwood for all of the meetings that you accommodated for us.

Red Burrows, JPNC Elections Committee Chair and JPNC Councilor At-Large, Jamaica Plain





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