Letter: Capuano vote could stifle protest

I was very disappointed to see that U.S. Rep. Michael Capuano voted for H.R.347 and continues the ongoing suppression of public protest. In the past decade, I have been appalled to see the suppression of protest by corralling protesting citizens into “free speech” zones, well away from any elected officials and out of the cameras’ view. Armed with the federal law approved in part by H.R.347, police will be able to silence protest at any event where the Secret Service is present (G8 summits, for example) or at “any event of national significance.” Rep. Capuano has further empowered the 1 percent to suppress the voice of the 99 percent. I am shocked to see which side Rep. Capuano has chosen to stand on.

Marc Pelletier

Jamaica Plain

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