Jackson Square redevelopment starts

The first phase of the $250 million redevelopment of Jackson Square will kick off Saturday, May 12 with a groundbreaking ceremony for the 225 Centre St. project.

“I think the community has been so involved in setting the vision for the Jackson Square redevelopment that it is a real exciting day to reach the groundbreaking,” said Bart Mitchell, president and CEO of The Community Builders (TCB).

TCB is teaming up with the Mitchell Properties, a company Mitchell founded, for the project. Mitchell became president of TCB in January and said he works there full-time.

The 225 Centre St. project is slated to have mixed-income housing and retail outlets. Mitchell said of the 103 units, 35 would be affordable housing.

“It means to the community that, from the start, everyone is welcome at the Jackson Square development, existing residents as well as newcomers,” said Mitchell. “We are delivering on that.”

He said the retail space would be an interesting mix of independent shops creating a vibrant urban mix. Mitchell said they are just about to start the retail marketing. There would be 35 parking spots for the shops, while another 50 are slated to be for the housing units.

Mitchell said they expect to have steel in the ground for June with the project completed by the summer of 2013.

About 11 acres of land in Jackson Square is being redeveloped by a team that includes Mitchell Properties, the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corporation and Urban Edge.

Anyone interested in jobs at the 225 Centre St. project may visit 225centre.com or visit the construction site on Wednesdays between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.



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