Editorial: Welcome to JP

We welcome the many new residents who arrived in JP this month.

For those of us who have lived or worked here for a year, a decade or a lifetime, there can only be envy for those who are enjoying their first experiences of the great things this neighborhood offers. A stroll around the pond, or the Arboretum, or Franklin Park, or Forest Hills Cemetery. A cone at J.P. Licks, a slice at Same Old Place, a sandwich at El Oriental de Cuba, brunch at Centre Street Café or Sorella’s (preferably not all on the same day, but it’s been known to happen). The historic landmarks in Monument Square and the epicenter of Boston’s Latino culture in Hyde and Egleston Squares. The art at Open Studios and the music at the Jamaica Plain Music Festival.

New eyes are seeing all of those things for the first time this month, and that’s one way this old neighborhood always lives again.

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