Trash cans, other concerns raised during park meeting

PARKSIDE—Lack of wintertime trash cans was one of several concerns expressed during a Franklin Park Coalition maintenance meeting March 7, said coalition Executive Director Christine Poff.

Meanwhile, the City has said it plans to fund the second phase of an improvement project that began last year.

Poff said it was a “great meeting” with about 25 people. The coalition had surveyed 58 users of the park before the meeting to find out what were their most pressing concerns. She also said Bernie Lynch, who manages operations and maintenance for the City’s parks, was at the meeting, where he listened and responded to attendees’ concerns.

Poff said attendees were concerned about trash cans being taken away or moved during the winter months. Lynch informed the audience that some trash cans were relocated from entrances farther into the park because some people were placing residential trash in them. He said he would look into having more trash cans at the park during the winter, according to Poff.

Another concern expressed was over equipment and landscape material being placed outside the golf course. Poff said one issue has been sand and mulch being stored on Scarboro Hill. Lynch said he would also look into that issue, according to Poff.

Poff said attendees had a “very amicable, good dialogue” with Lynch and learned a lot how the park works and operates.

Poff said in the coming months the coalition hopes the City will provide the money through its budget to pay for the second phase of improvements to the park’s entryways and paths. The project, which had its first phase done last year, was discussed during the meeting. Poff said the second phase includes several areas, including repairing the rest of the “walking loop.” The first half was repaired last year.

Jacque Goddard, spokesperson for the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, said the City plans to fund the project through its upcoming budget. She said if it is approved by the City Council, the project should start in the fall and be completed by spring 2014.

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