Neighbors challenge condo permits

CENTRAL JP—Appeals have been made to the building and demolition permits for planned condos at 207-209 Chestnut Ave., according to a representative for the Glenvale Park Neighborhood Association, which is opposed to the project.

The City has already granted those permits and construction has started at the site. But the representative of association, who wished to remain anonymous, said appeals have been made anyway and have been forwarded to the City’s Legal Department. The association would like to see the current project stopped.

“We are not doing this stuff because we like to obstruct development,” said the representative.

Neighbors are upset about how the project will change the landscape and the loss of a 130-year-old house, which has already been demolished.

The developer of the project, Pat McKenna, said that the appeals have to do with the City, not him. He said that he understands their frustration, as the construction is happening in a small area.

“People don’t like change, but living in the city, change happens all the time,” said McKenna.

He said he expects construction to be done by August or September.

The representative said the demolition permit was issued despite it not being made public until two days before the 45-day appeal period ended. She said ISD acknowledged making that mistake. The association has appealed ISD’s decision to grant the demolition permit.

The Inspectional Services Department (ISD) and the Mayor’s Office did not respond to requests for comment.

The association has also appealed the building permit, saying that the project violates zoning codes for being too close to the street.

“If zoning codes and guidelines are not enforced by the City, we are concerned for the future of Jamaica Plain,” said the representative.

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