Editorial: JP’s great festivals

The JP Music Festival returns next week for its fourth year. It’s a great grassroots event that reminds us how deeply diverse, talented and creative the JP music scene is.

It joins the Wake Up the Earth Festival, JP Open Studios and the Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade as among JP’s trademark community and artistic events.

With this year’s unfortunate demise of the Forest Hills Cemetery Lantern Festival, the slate of such traditions has sadly narrowed. But in JP’s lively cultural scene, new contenders continue to emerge, such as last month’s JP Porchfest concerts. First Thursdays in central JP is increasingly vibrant as well.

It seems that every week, we hear about a new book by a JP author—most recently, another work from the acclaimed novelist Randy Susan Meyers. Could it be time for a JP Book Festival to join the busy schedule of reminders of this neighborhood’s talent and vision?

As it is, JP is fortunate to have so many creative minds that continue to amaze, encourage and inspire us.

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