Letter: Tolman’s policies and record reasons to vote for him

I am writing to voice my support for Warren Tolman in his campaign to secure the Democratic nomination to become the next Massachusetts attorney general. For the past two decades Warren has worked tirelessly to fight for working families across the Commonwealth.

I first became a Warren Tolman fan during his time in the State House. As a legislator, Warren led the fights to hold the tobacco industry accountable for its actions and reduce the influence of money in politics. In these fights he stood up to formidable opponents, including members of his own party, but did not waiver from his goals or his convictions. For these reasons, I am excited to support Warren in his bid to be the next attorney general.

If elected, Warren has stated that he will use the attorney general’s consumer protection power to mandate that smart gun technology is incorporated in all new guns sold in Massachusetts. This would ensure that the only person firing a gun would be its rightful owner. Beyond his smart gun proposal, Warren was the first candidate to come out with policies to combat opiate addiction on Massachusetts streets and sexual assault on its college campuses.

I’m supporting Warren because I know he has the legal experience to recognize the fights that need to be fought and the courage to see them through. I hope you will join me in voting for Warren in the Democratic primary on Sept. 9.

Ari Peterson

Jamaica Plain

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