Letter: Why Tolman is the right nominee for AG’s Office

In the race for attorney general, Warren Tolman stands out to me as the right choice, and the reason is simple: he will maximize the potential of the office by standing up and fighting for the people of the Commonwealth.

So, how is the office’s potential maximized? Through leadership—a trait that is nothing short of vital to success in this office.

Former Attorneys General Frank Bellotti, Scott Harshbarger, Tom Reilly and James Shannon all understood this element of the office and used it to make Massachusetts better. All four of these former attorneys general have publicly endorsed Warren Tolman, because they know he is a leader with the ability to drive a public policy agenda.

He will lead by taking on gun violence, combating substance abuse and consumer protection—issues that require immediate action.

Warren Tolman will take action, and he will do it because of his deeply rooted progressive values. As attorney general, Warren Tolman will wake up every day with the people of Massachusetts in mind. He will use the full strength of the Attorney General’s Office to move the ball forward on issues that matter to us.

The public policy element of serving is this office is a reality that Warren Tolman will not shy away from. He will thrive because of it.

In the Sept. 9 Democratic primary for attorney general, the choice is clear: Warren Tolman is ready to fight for the people of Massachusetts.

Will Rasky

Jamaica Plain

Editor’s Note: The writer is a campaign volunteer for Warren Tolman.

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