Editorial: Take back the pond—and the Mounted Unit

As virtually every local parks group is sitting down to talk safety concerns, a couple of other news items spring to mind.

The popular Jamaica Pond Lantern Parade returns on Oct. 18 and 19. This family-friendly event is a great way for the neighborhood to take back the pond from crime fears. Spontaneous Celebrations runs the wonderful event and deserves even more support than usual.

Meanwhile, private funders are once again attempting to support the Boston Park Rangers Mounted Unit, abandoned by the City for financial reasons several years ago.

Park crime is nowhere near epidemic levels. But the trend of armed gangs robbing people, sometimes with over-the-top brutality, in various local parks is troubling.

More rangers patrolling the parks would help—especially on horseback, where they have flexibility, speed and intimidation factors. Perhaps Boston city councilors could spend less energy calculating their own raises and seek stable funding for the Rangers Mounted Unit instead.

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