Dog grooming business aims to replace botanica

A dog-grooming business called Fancy Schmancy is looking to open in Central JP, according to Centre/South Main Streets board member Michael Reiskind.

“The owner is Nancy Baxter,” Reiskind said in an email to the Gazette. “She wants to open a luxury dog day care, grooming, self wash and unique retail store at 610 Centre Street.”

The store would replace Botanica Anaisa’s, which sold religious paraphernalia. The botanica recently closed after many years in operation.

“The idea is doggie in the window, chandeliers, velvet furniture and extra love and attention for the neighborhood’s canine family members,” said Reiskind.

He said that the dog store would need a change of use variance. The Jamaica Plain Business and Professional Association has already recommended the store for approval. The store will go in front of the Jamaica Pond Association and the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council sometime in November for consideration, according to Reiskind.

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