Holidays in JP: A Thanksgiving wine suggestion from JP’s Blanchards

Looking for the perfect wine to complement your Thanksgiving dinner?

John Paul Kaminga, the wine manager at Jamaica Plain’s Blanchards Wines & Spirits, suggested bringing a lambrusco wine to Thanksgiving dinner this year.

“It’s a bubbly, red Italian. It can vary from very, very sweet to bone dry. It’s a very refreshing wine,” he said.

Kaminga suggested two bottles currently available: a Tenuta Pederzana—“darker, richer, more rustic,” Kaminga said—for $15.99, or a lighter Villa di Corlo for $16.99.

“It’s impossible to choose one wine that goes with all the things on a Thanksgiving table. But these goes well with most things, and even if it doesn’t, it won’t clash with anything,” he explained.

Blanchards is located at 741 Centre St. For more information, call 617-522-9300 or see

A bottle of Villa de Corlo wine. (Courtesy Photo)

A bottle of Villa di Corlo wine. (Courtesy Photo)

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