JP Post Office might move or shrink

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is considering moving or downsizing the Jamaica Plain Post Office at 655 Centre St, although it is in the “very earliest stage” of the process, according to spokesperson Maureen Marion.

A notice about possible changes is hanging up inside the post office building, stirring community discussions.

“We are far from making any final decisions,” said Marion. “We are in the very earliest stage of such a review and, again let me stress, no outcome is yet certain. Our process, which is regulated by law, includes a robust community notification process that has just begun with a notice to the mayor. As we move forward, we will be providing timely updates.”

U.S. Rep. Mike Capuano’s office is seeking more information about the USPS’s decision-making, according to spokesperson Alison Mills. She also noted that the JP post office is dedicated to Alexander Arredondo, a Marine killed in the Iraq War who is the son of well-known peace activist Carlos Arredondo.

“We are very concerned about the post office’s efforts with respect to the Jamaica Plain location and have asked them to provide us with many more details,” said Mills. “We are in contact with the Arredondo family and we are making sure that they are fully informed throughout this process.”

Marion said that any business or government operation must revisit the space it uses to ensure that it serves its community in a “smart, cost-effective way.”

“We look at size, costs, foot traffic and location along with other factors. We must. We are not supported by tax dollars. The need to be wise stewards of income from the sales of stamps is critical, particularly as the use of the mails evolves,” said Marion.

“Let me stress, there is no change imminent and we are fully committed to full postal services to Jamaica Plain,” Marion said in an email to the Gazette. “But, absolutely, we are considering if there is a way to enhance our retail presence in Jamaica Plain. By design, this is a deliberative process. If we make a move, we want to make a good one for our community and for the Postal Service.”

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