Homeless shelter sees winter-storm crowds

The 120-bed Shattuck Shelter on Morton Street has seen more homeless people seeking shelter from the harsh winter weather that has recently hit the region, according to Barbara V. Trevisan, a spokesperson for shelter operator Pine Street Inn.

The Boston area has been smacked with several significant snowstorms in less than three weeks, leading to a record-breaking 70 inches of snow and counting since then. Arctic cold has also been plaguing the region.

“We are seeing higher numbers at all of our shelters,” Trevisan said in an email to the Gazette. “First, we try to transport people to shelters around the city where there may be available beds. Otherwise, we do our best to accommodate guests on cots and mats. Our policy is not to turn anyone out in this kind of weather.”

Anyone in need of shelter can visit the Shattuck at 170 Morton St. For more information, call 617-892-9100 or visit pinestreetinn.org.

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