Editorial: Supporting local businesses

The natural disaster that was—and still is—Boston’s recent waves of blizzards has hit small businesses hard.

JP’s local businesses are not only a source of pride, but a linchpin of the local economy. They keep dollars in the neighborhood, from paychecks to contributions to another key JP resource, the nonprofit sector.

Mayor Walsh’s “Boston Bingo” program, a silly-but-fun game, is one of the good ideas for encouraging people to brave the winter chill and sample neighborhood businesses they might not even in good weather. It’s online at cityofboston.gov/mayor/bingo.asp.

JP Local First’s website at jplocalfirst.org is a good resource for learning more about the amazing variety of small, independent businesses in the neighborhood.

If you’re able to be out and about, help JP’s businesses by visiting some old favorites and maybe trying a new one, too.

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