Anti-Olympic activist to appear at JP comedy night

Laughing Liberally Boston, a political comedy show, will feature a special guest star at JP’s Riot Theater on Sat., March 28: anti-Olympic activist Robin Jacks of the group NoBoston2024.

Part of the show features a “Daily Show”-style interview with a local activist or journalist, Riot spokesperson and Laughing Liberally host Matt Filipowicz said. At the JP show, that guest will be Jacks, whom Filipowicz describes as a “badass” activist.

Jacks, who was among the Occupy Boston activists in 2011, will discuss the Olympics opposition effort. She told the Gazette that NoBoston2024 is currently strategizing.

“We hope to hold a public meeting in the near future, but it’s difficult and expensive to secure space,” Jacks said. “It’s tough going up against a group that can afford to pay our former governor $7,500 a day to promote their project when our budget is $0,” she added, referring to Deval Patrick’s controversial Boston 2024 paycheck that he has since backed away from.

Laughing Liberally Boston will be performed March 28 at the Riot Theater at 146a South St. More information is available at

NoBoston2024’s webpage is, and it is active on Twitter at @NoBoston2024.

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