Real Estate Today: Excavation begins at 101 Brookley

STONYBROOK—Work has begun at the site planned for dozen triple-deckers on a long-vacant lot at 101 Brookley Road, though the City tells the Gazette that it is unclear whether work is authorized.

Yan Schecter, manager of Buildex Real Estate Ventures LLC, the lot’s owner, has already subdivided the large property into 12 parcels and plans to erect a three-family building on each one. If the entire parcel were developed as one large project, Schecter would have to file his plan with the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) under “small project” zoning review, a long-running neighborhood concern.

During a visit on March 19, the Gazette saw multiple construction vehicles and a large hole, as well as an informational sign for 93 Brookley Road, the first of 12 planned triple-deckers. According to Inspectional Service Department (ISD) spokesperson           Lisa Timberlake, Schecter last asked to amend his building permit on March 16, though that change has not yet been approved.

According to Timberlake, that should mean nothing should be built on the site. She was unable to elaborate, as the local district inspector was on vacation.

A Gazette call to Schecter was not returned.

According to Stonybrook Neighborhood Association (SNA) Co-Chair Jennifer Uhrhane, the developer has poured foundations for two buildings at 91-93 and 95-97 Brookley Road already.

But the SNA and abutters still have unresolved questions and issues with ISD about the subdivision of the 1.7-acre property into 12 lots, she said. ISD has already allowed the subdivision. It remains unclear why the entire project did not undergo a unified BRA project review typical of such redevelopment.

“We take issue with the overall development concept for 101 Brookley Road because the current proposal bypasses BRA review by subdividing the property into 12 lots and building one three-family as of right on each lot,” Uhrhane said. “We don’t understand why this proposal is any different than the numerous previous development attempts of 101 Brookley, all of which went through Article 80 review.”

The proposed 36 units would create 39,600 square feet of living space, assuming 1,100 square feet per unit.

Concerns still remain over access to the back of the property, as Lotus Street, the only access point, is listed as a private way and would not support construction traffic. It is unclear whether the completed development would require access to Lotus Street after construction.

Once the site of a nursing home, the large lot has been the subject of various unsuccessful condo plans over the past 20 years.

Construction vehicles at 101 Brookley Road last week. (Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira)

Construction vehicles at 101 Brookley Road last week. (Gazette Photo by Rebeca Oliveira)

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