Editorial: Review Bicon—and ISD

Thank you to City Councilor Ayanna Pressley for calling out Bicon Dental Implants for its apparent straw purchase of a house against the owners’ wishes, and for calling for further review of its planned expansion.

We will add that ISD’s treatment of Bicon should be watched just as closely.

Bicon appears to have a fine reputation in its dental field. But as a neighbor, it has an atrocious record of building first and asking permission later, going back to an infamously bizarre surprise plan for a third-floor restaurant.

Many of these actions have been ignored or enabled by ISD under mysterious circumstances, such as adding a third floor with no public notice. Some construction and activities, including clinical courses, have been overlooked, declared as code violations, and then declared to be within code again.

In 2007, the Boston City Council held a local hearing about Bicon and called ISD officials onto the carpet. The answers were few, and big questions remain, including whether the build falls within a special greenbelt overlay district.

Former City Councilor John Tobin was the one expressing frustration at that time, saying Bicon’s expansion “doesn’t sound or smell right.” Now it’s Councilor Pressley’s turn, and we wish her better luck in getting to the bottom of this bizarre and seemingly endless situation.

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