Letter: Gazette’s [email protected] coverage was too narrow

While Peter Shanley’s article about the launch of [email protected] is accurate as far as it goes (“[email protected] senior living group launches,” April 20), it’s missing some important ingredients.

The article described the purpose of the group as “enabling [members] to live in private housing rather than a nursing home.” Typical of many scenarios about aging in America, the picture it paints is too narrow.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re well aware that increased support and care are part of our futures.  Ethos’s willingness to extend its many services to [email protected]’s middle-income residents for discounted fees is a welcome benefit.

But every one of the 89 [email protected] charter members we’ve met so far is an independent, vital, active contributing member of the JP community. We joined [email protected] because we want to stay that way as long as possible. The programs and activities of this grassroots group are designed to do just that.

We look forward to seeing more articles in the Gazette reporting on the positive, life-enhancing activities of [email protected] members—dining out together in local restaurants, sharing skills, discussing important issues, continuing to learn, celebrating accomplishments, and making important contributions to Jamaica Plain, both economically and civically.


Judy Goggin

Elsa Bengal

[email protected] members

Jamaica Plain

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