Letter: Gazette’s Wilkerson coverage was an insult to JP

I was disappointed that the Gazette thought running an article on Dianne Wilkerson was good news and that she deserved a photo on the front page. (“The return of Dianne Wilkerson,” March 27.) In addition, your article seemed to offer support for her to get back into politics. Dianne Wilkerson deserves a new start, but she should not be returning to politics or an elected office.

The title of your article, “The return of Dianne Wilkerson,” was an insult to the community. It was also an insult to Sonia Chang-Díaz to ask Wilkerson’s opinion of her. Wilkerson is a woman who has declared she is above the law, not once, but twice. She pleaded guilty to federal tax crimes, and she was convicted of public corruption. I think she has given up the right to endorse others in politics. Why does my local newspaper feel that they should provide a pulpit for her to represent our community?

Yes, she should be able to lead a life after jail, but it should be a new life removed from public office. She has already wasted enough taxpayer money and expense in convicting her. I for one do not need her back near any political office—that would effectively allow a two-time criminal one more chance at corruption. There are more worthwhile stories in the community to cover.

Phil Hall

Jamaica Plain

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