Letter: Thank library Friends, not leadership, for better branches

With all the controversy involving the Boston Public Library, I believe that some recent library history has been forgotten. It was not the Board of Trustees and President Amy Ryan who were largely responsible for revitalizing the branches. It was the patrons and Friends groups who fought to keep branches open when the board and president were recommending closing branches.

The Jamaica Plain Branch is about to be renovated because of the ongoing efforts of over a decade by Jamaica Plain residents who attended BPL trustee meetings, signed petitions, and lobbied public officials. The BPL trustees and Amy Ryan were recommending closure of the JP Branch and several other branches not too many years ago.

A special thank you to Don Haber, co-chair of the Friends of the Jamaica Plain Branch Library, for his many years of leadership and hard work that have resulted in a much-needed and exciting renovation of our branch library.

Peg Moloney

Jamaica Plain

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