BHA issues RFP for 125 Amory St.

The Boston Housing Authority (BHA) issued last month a request for proposals (RFP) to renovate 125 Amory St. and possibly add market-rate units at the site, according to BHA spokesperson Lydia Agro.

The development at 125 Amory St. currently provides housing for seniors and people with disabilities,

Agro said that consistent federal budget cuts have led to inadequate money to support a public housing program. She said the City is looking to create a public/private partnership to preserve “the existing public housing with less federal dollars.” The Amory Street site is the second location chosen in the new program, with a housing development in Charlestown picked earlier this year.

She said the plan is not for demolition, but more for a modernization of the facilities at 125 Amory St. Agro said that tenants would “most likely” remain in place, but that depends on the RFP. She said if a tenant did have to move, it would be to a temporary unit on site.

Agro said that there is a possibility of adding additional housing on site to help support and preserve the number of the subsidize units.

“We will see what we get back,” she said.

The deadline to send a RFP is Sept. 15. For more information, visit


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