Terrance Williams takes second shot at Councilor Yancey

Terrance Williams, a candidate for the District 4 City Council race. (Courtesy Photo)

Terrance Williams, a candidate for the District 4 City Council race. (Courtesy Photo)

Dorchester resident Terrance Williams is taking another shot at dethroning longtime District 4 City Councilor Charles Yancey. He says he is running because he wants to assist people in the community.

Williams lost to Yancey in the 2013 election, garnering 31 percent of the voters to councilor’s 68 percent. He faces Yancey and two other challengers—Andrea Campbell and Jovan Lace—in the Sept. 8 preliminary election. District 4 covers parts of Forest Hills and Woodbourne in Jamaica Plain.

Williams said in an email to the Gazette that he entered the race to “help people who are being underserved.” He said the youths are being “deprived of an education system that would help them achieve great goals in life” and that seniors are having their programs cut.

“The elderly shouldn’t have to decide whether to buy food or their medication,” he said.

Williams also said that the violence that “plagues” the community needs to be addressed.

Williams, who works for the Boston Water and Sewer Commission and the Suffolk County Sheriff Department, founded and runs the Mighty Mission Youth Program. The program mentors youths to “help them achieve their dreams and goals,” he said.

The candidate commented on the controversial Casey Arborway project, saying there was a lack of community involvement.

“When people have a say about what goes on in their community, then that’s the start for a great relationship with the government,” he said.

Williams also said he had opposed Boston 2024’s effort to bring the Summer Olympics to the city, saying that there are “too many issues to bring other issues on top of it. The people of Massachusetts are still paying for the Big Dig.”


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