Washington St./Columbus Ave.

It is welcome news that the Washington Street/Columbus Avenue corridor study could lead to new zoning for that area by the summer of 2015.

But the question begs to be asked: Why did it take so long? Local state Rep. Liz Malia, other elected officials, and residents have long sought a study for that area. And while they waited patiently for the BRA to act, one development after another was approved.

The approval of the 3200 Washington St. project last month is the most recent case. Some residents have criticized that project for being out of scale, which makes it a prime example of why that area needs the study done now.

We hope that the BRA stops approving, and even beginning the review process for, projects along that corridor until residents are able to weigh-in and see their input implemented. It’s a fine example of lunacy to conduct a corridor study, only to have that corridor fully developed by the time the study is completed.

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