Letter: Post Office

It should work better. You arrive at the post office and you turn the corner and groan. There’s a huge line ahead of you. Today I arrived at 4:24 p.m. and left at 5 p.m. I had overdue birthday cards, a small package to return and needed to add postage to my letters with that dreaded extra postage required.

I wanted to ask to speak with the manager, as I would in a retail store, but there were only two postal workers on the desk and people were already leaving the line. The teenager in back of me called her mom and begged to do this task another time. She said there are 20 people ahead of me and the line has not moved. She wasn’t exaggerating.

I looked for the form all post offices are supposed to have for feedback/complaints. I looked in each slot but I couldn’t find any.

I decided instead to courageously call their phone number. I called five times. No one picked up and there’s no voicemail, so it rang and rang. I predicted someone would pick it up to make it stop, but no one did. I was scared for no reason. When I asked at the desk where is the postmaster, the postal worker said she’s left.

It’s clear there are problems at the Jamaica Plain Post Office. They are not new, yet management does nothing to remedy it or even listen.

Linda Heald

Jamaica Plain resident

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