Traffic woes at Forest Hills

There is a constant multi-directional traffic jam at the corner of South Street and Arborway.

The traffic on South Street (heading toward Rozzie) stops in the well-marked pedestrian crossing zone when the light turns red. Then no one can move in any direction, although the occasional driver will ease forward or back up a few feet, to make a space big enough for a car or two to slip through.

A sign on South Street reads DO NOT BLOCK THE INTERSECTION. Everyone ignores it. MBTA buses are the worst offenders: they block the intersection virtually every time they stop for a red light, and they don’t move. Big trucks cause similar problems.

What if we replaced the “Do Not Block the Intersection” with a couple of large signs reading STOP HERE ON RED? To reinforce the point, perhaps, vivid yellow lines could be painted on the pavement.

The problem at that intersection isn’t the construction; it’s the drivers.

Jonathan Slater

Jamaica Plain resident

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