Letter: Bigger issues than post office

I have never written a letter to the editor before, but your editorial in the Nov. 20 edition about poor service at the local post office prompts a reply:

Unless I am too dense to recognize satire when I read it, it seemed you were seriously suggesting that people base their vote for President, U.S. senator or representative on how long they had to wait at the post office. Income inequality, immigration reform, the treatment of Syrian refugees, bank regulation, the makeup of the Supreme Court, the mess we made in the Middle East, and a ton of other issues are less important than “sent mail arriving days late?” Really? We should vote based on our level of personal pique about being mildly inconvenienced?

We should vote for Jeb! because he says he can fix it?  Donald Trump because he says his presidency is going to be huge? Ted Cruz seems like the kind of guy who would do something about this terrible problem?

You all need to get out more and see the world beyond 02130. If you did, you might realize how foolish your parochial JP centrism looks to others with whom we share the planet.

Mike Gallagher

Jamaica Plain resident

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